Funeral Options

Bespoke Option

We will provide a full and comprehensive service tailored to your individual needs and wishes. The emphasis here is placed on any previously expressed wishes of the deceased and the personalities and aspirations of the family. Such arrangements will be highly individual and clearly express, in both words and ceremony, what your family wishes to say and present at the funeral.

Basic Simple Option

Some families prefer funeral proceedings to be as simple as possible and believe a funeral should be less elaborate and, therefore, low cost. In this case, we can provide a limited service which delivers a dignified funeral at a fixed price from £1875, all inclusive. It should be noted that we will not compromise the standard of service, furnishings, vehicles or staff presentation that you can expect from us. We value and respond to all our families in the same manner, regardless of their choices.

General Considerations

Burial or cremation? The choice is often pre-decided according to the expressed wishes of the deceased, or family preferences. We will, however, advise you fully on the desirability and implications of either option in respect of costs and future needs.

Religious, non-religious or no funeral ceremony? You have the option of a religious ceremony, in line with particular faiths - a Humanist ceremony with no religious content or, indeed, no ceremony at all. Such ceremonies can take place in church, non-religious venue, at home or at the place of committal i.e. cemetery or crematorium.

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